Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Cover Up Pimples

Pimples are a very common and unpleasant problem. Unfortunately, they can't be covered up totally but at least we can try. I'll outline some easy steps that can help us cover up those annoying little creatures ;)

Some Easy Steps To Follow
*Just before you begin your makeup application, I'll advice you wash your face with a mild antiseptic product.
*soak a cotton swab in visin (yes visin for the eyes), rub it lightly over your pimple for 5mins. It helps reduce the redness.
*Dab a little moisturizer over the pimple if its dry or flaky
*Use a concealer that is thick and dry in form(mostly found compressed in pallets). Apply with a small, pointed concealer brush and not your fingers so the concealer is focused on just the pimple and not surrounding areas.
*Blend out the edges of d concealed area with the rest of d skin so you don't have patches on your face
*Apply loose powder all over concentrating a little bit on the area where you have the pimple, so it blends with the rest of your face. After this you can continue with rest of your makeup.

Mineral makeup is best for covering pimples because it doesn't add bulk to the face since the pimple is already lifted but ensure you use only good quality cosmetics designed for problem skin to avoid further complications and inflammations.

If the pimples are too many, do not use heavy makeup in bright colors. Heavy makeup looks good only on clear, smooth skin and can make imperfections such as pimples or acne even more noticeable.The best makeup would be light colored pastel eye-shadows in neutral tones, thin eyeliner and a fine layer of mascara for the eyes, semi-transparent lipstick or gloss for the lips and golden-peach blush for the cheeks.

The skin is a reflection of our overall health, so a well balanced diet rich in nutrients is very important. Without a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals micro- and macro-elements the skin will never be healthy and beautiful and will age much quicker. Don’t forget that any treatment for problematic skin begins with a healthy lifestyle.

Stress and the overall psychological condition are also important factors in how the skin looks.If you have noticed, the skin of content, calm women always look brighter and more radiant than the skin of women subjected to a lot of stress and unpleasant emotions. So eat prudently, limit unhealthy habits and enjoy life and your skin will reward you with a perfect look

~Perfect Mélange~