Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Groom Your Eyebrows Perfectly 3

I'm some people are wondering why I'm not giving you tips on how to actually apply your eyebrow pencils or 'draw' the perfect brows instead of the long stories on face shapes, types of eyebrows, arch's e.t.c...
Well, you can have perfectly groomed eyebrows that still won't fit your face shape and that's just wrong.

Since I've been able to put you through choosing the perfect brow shape that best suits your face shape, I'll move on to giving you tips on how to achieve those perfect looking eyebrows.

Firstly, you need to know the outline of your eyebrows. In the diagram, angle A shows the inner corner of your eyes which is directly above your eyes. If yours is not that full, you can always fill it up with your pencil. Angle B is the arch and that's were your brow bone is located, so make sure your arch is well elevated and above the brow bone. Angle C is the outer corner of your brows and ensure not to extend yours beyond what is shown in the diagram.

Once you are familiar with what your brows should look like, then we can move onto filling them.

Step 1:
* Get rid of unwanted hair, this can be done by tweezing, bladding, waxing or treading. Choose whichever suits you. This is the most important part of priming your brows cos once you take out the wrong set, it'll be difficult to apply your eyebrow pencil especially if you're not a pro at it. So its either you get a professional to do it for you or follow the simple rule which is; ''Pluck out hair that's right under your brow bone, following your natural  eyebrow outline''.
* You can also trim carefully the inner corner of your brows if its really full and bushy. Though this part is really delicate and shouldn't be tampered with.
* Everyone already has a perfect brow shape so just make sure you follow your natural outline while shaping.

Step 2:
* Once you are done plucking out unwanted hair, the next thing is picking the right shade of eyebrow pencil. The only acceptable colour is brown which has different shades depending on the colour of your natural eyebrows.
* Please run away from colours like; pink, purple, red & green. I don't know what you're trying to achieve by using all these colours but makeup should enhance your natural beauty not make you look like a 3 year old's colouring book. So please reserve this colours for your eyes and your eyeshadow palette.
* You eyebrow pencil should also be a shade lighter than your natural brows so be careful when picking or buying pencils so you don't have perfectly groomed brows with the wrong shade.

Step 3:
* This stage is focused on application of the eyebrow pencil. First you must make sure your pencil is properly sharpened to avoid thick and shaded brows.
* Start by drawing a thin line from the lower part & inner corner of your brows to the outer corner making sure its not to thick. Repeat the same process on the upper part of your brows as shown above.
* Using the side of your pencil, fill in the middle of your brows carefully without shading too heavily, until the whole area is covered.
* You can also choose to use a powder brow filler or a matte brown eye shadow that is a shade lighter than your natural brows instead of a pencil.
* Using a mascara wand (one without mascara, preferably a new one) or spooly brush, brush/blend the eye pencil with your brows.

Step 4:
* Once you're done with the brows, you might want to make them more defined. This helps your brows look perfect and well done, making them pop.
* You can either use your foundation, concealer, highlighting shadows or highlighting pencil that closely matches your skin tone.
* Starting with your lower eyebrows, apply your concealer(or other) carefully under the already filled brows & blend it downwards towards your crease. Repeat the same step above your brows but blend upwards.
* Once your eyebrows are perfectly done, you might want to dust some powder over to help keep the concealer in place.

I'm sure by now most of us should be able to groom our eyebrows perfectly well ;) Just so you know, it takes a lot of practice to get it right. So, make out time over the weekend so you can practice. Trust me, perfect eyebrows are all you need to wake your face up. You can almost skip every other makeup when your brows are well primed.

Thanks a lot for reading ladies, will be expecting to read your replies and comments. Also, make sure you share this post with friends, I'm sure lots of them need this desperately ;)

~Perfect Mélange~


  1. Really nice tips, will definitely try it over the weekend.

  2. This is awesome but some of us still need a professional to do the first shaping for us. where are you located and can you shape for someone?

    1. Oh yes you might. I'm in Lagos, you can contact me by email; and I'll be glad to help you out

  3. Me 2 ll try it out!!!!kip up d gud wrk mojisola

    1. Please do and you can always send me a picture by email ;) Thanks a lot.

  4. Am so grateful for explaining it wel, tanks so much

  5. Moji,I wuld kip tryin,if I don't get it,I wuld find u and I wuld get u *Biggrin*