Friday, July 26, 2013

Casual Friday Makeover

Hi Makeup lovers, been a few days since you last saw me here ;)

I did my "almost regular" casual Friday makeover for a colleague (shh!!! My boss must not hear) and decided to share with you guys.

You won't believe what I used to achieve this "pretty girl" look.... Eye liners!  Oh yes, just different shades of  'not so expensive' eye liners. Though I used  pink gloss right after the lip pencil just to give her lips some shine.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How To Apply Red Lipstick To Fit Your Skin Tone, Lips & Skin Colour

Hi guys, been a while. I always don't like to say this but it's been my regular line for a while now. I'm so sorry I haven't been writing as much as I used to but I'll try to be more regular.

Red Lipstick............ That's one lip colour I wear often or....all the time, except once in a blue moon when I have my bubble gum pink on *covers face*
I've had lots of friends ask me why I only wear this one shade of lipstick. The funny thing is, I actually have over 50 shades of lipstick but I really don't mind wearing red.

Ook! Back to the topic... Red lipsticks are one lip product that have refused to go out of trend but still, lots of ladies are too conservative or scared to wear it. I've had several wedding/event makeovers where the client refuses to let me apply red lipstick on then (my strong persuasive/convincing skills never fail me though). I find this confusing sometimes because red is vintage. If your old mothers and grandmothers could be courageous enough to wear red, why not young & vibrant you?