Monday, January 28, 2013

Does Stress Free Eating Help Prevent Acne?

Acne is one major beauty hitch lots of people battle with. It used to be a puberty bonus but now lots of old and middle aged people struggle with it.

There has been different types of remedies/beauty routines that people have recommended just to prevent and help clear these facial skin deformities but the funny thing is, we are the actual cause of acne/pimples showing up on our faces at this stage in our lives. You want to know how?...

Well, most of people indulge in unhealthy eating that cause damage to the skin. Crazy-high expectations for yourself also and being obsessed with perfection are also a recipe for stress which many people handle with a bag of chips or a brownie. These foods are high in fat which will definitely settle somewhere.

Chocolate doesn't cause acne like most of us think, but processed foods can worsen skin by causing inflammation. Instead, reach for snacks that can actually improve your complexion, like raw fruits and vegetables, thanks to their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. (The fact that they'll keep you in your current jeans size is a double bonus).

If you have redness, stay away from spicy food and shellfish, since they can cause blood vessels to flare. A good bet is whole-grain crackers or pasta. To encourage collagen production, you can eat whole grains plus foods rich in amino acids, like eggs, beans, and seeds. Eating cold-water fish and almonds, which contain omega-3's, will help dry skin also.

So people, try to eat healthy and save some skin ;)
~Perfect Mélange~

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