Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Real Are "Before & After" Makeup Pictures?

I've seen lots of pictures showing how people look before they apply makeup and after they do. Some look real while some don't. So I invited a friend over, made her wash off all the makeup on her face and took a picture.

 Then I also collected a picture from her, which shows her "everyday" makeup look just to show you what she looks like on a normal day.

Most guys that have seen some of these "Before & After" makeup pictures leave comments like; "You should visit a girl early in the morning before you decide to marry her, so you know what she looks like without makeup". Just so you know, makeup doesn't make you beautiful if you aren't already beautiful. It is suppose to enhance your looks, not totally transform you. So what you look like before & after you makeup shouldn't be totally different.

Professional makeup is totally different from your everyday makeup, just like professional pictures are different from pictures taken by armatures. That's why people always request for Makeup Artists when they have special occasions. Our own kind of makeup is focused on covering most of the  flaws on your face. That's why people always look "Picture Perfect" when we are done making them up.So I took time to make her up with my professional touch and here's what she looked like afterwards. No photoshop, just the background was removed ;)

Just for the fun of it, lets take a look at her "Before & After" makeup look.

What do you all think? Does she look totally transformed or perfectly enhanced?

Thanks for taking your time to read through, please leave your comments & I'll be glad to reply.
~Perfect Mélange~


  1. Reli, cool sis. Moe in ur mind. Oh yh she dz luk enhanced. Kip it up. Iyawo bola

  2. Well she looks perfectly enhanced u did a great job keep it up....:)

  3. In my mind right! What can I say? Its only because your outlook matters to me ;)

  4. Hmmmmm.....this is WOW!!! Kudos moe.great job

  5. And here I was thinking I know about make up. Great job girl. Keep it up!!!

  6. This is a good job. How do we contact you.

  7. Thanks a lot TrendySturvs.

    Thanks to everyone else too. I can be contacted by mail:; or add me on BBM: 2739B108

  8. She's looking perfectly enhanced and very lovely!

  9. Great. She looks more enhanced. True, make up is to make u luk more attractive. Nice make up work tho