Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller Using Makeup

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect feature, either body of facial. That's why most people result to plastic/corrective/cosmetic surgery. The face is the first thing people see when they see you, this makes your facial features very important (at least to some people).

Lots of people go through a lot just to perfect that sagging skin, big n full lips or wide,long & big nose. Well I've got great news for you concerning that nose job you wanted to get. There's an alternative.
Instead of spending so much altering your natural, God given bogus nose ;), you can always create an optical illusion with makeup. This is called contouring and highlighting.

Wondering how makeup is gonna help conceal that nose you don't really like? Just follow my nose reduction makeup tips...

All you need is a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin tone & a highlighting powder or face powder that is one shade lighter than your skin.

Steps To Getting Smaller looking Nose
* Find a well-lit place where you can put your makeup on. Natural light is best but make sure it is not so light that your face appears bright or that the light hits one side of your face more than the other.

* The next step is to create shadows (contouring) around your nose by putting a little of that slightly dark shade of foundation (you can also use a contour powder or cream) on each side of the nose and then blend it out a little towards your cheek.

*Lastly, apply light powder (or highlight powder) on the bridge of your nose to make it more pronounced.

Very easy and simple tips. All you need is 2 minutes to get that slim looking nose that;ll give you more self confidence.
You can do the rest of your makeup after your nose has been treated ;)

Thanks a lot for making out time to read my post, please leave a comment or suggestions on issues or areas you want me to talk about.

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  1. Wow! So there's a solution to my large nose? Will definitely try this new tip over the weekend. Thanks.