Monday, April 8, 2013

My Top 10 Tricks To Keep Your Makeup On All Day.

I haven't been so regular here lately. Not my fault guys, been buried deep in a lot of things and also have loads of clients to meet up with. Though that isn't enough reason to leave you all unattended to ;)

So today, I'm going to be giving you some of my very best tips on getting your makeup to stay on all day without smudging, smearing, melting, cleaning/wiping off or making you look tired. It's all about perfection right? So lets perfect out makeup skill to give us that flawless look all day long because your outlook really does matter.

Tip 1
I'll start with the face. This is the base for any makeup you're applying, so your face has to be well taken care of to help hold your makeup. When starting your makeup application, the first thing to do after washing your face is moisturizing. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, if your skin is really oily, you can skip the moisturizer. Next step is the face/foundation primer. Make sure you prime your face before applying foundation. It helps absorb all the oil secreted.

Tip 2 
Dust a little white powder over your foundation and let it get absorbed for about 2 minutes before you apply your brown powder. This serves as an oil blocking backup especially for people with oily skin. If you have normal to dry skin, you can skip this step. After you apply your brown powder, you can dust a tiny bit of white powder over your face again just to set the brown powder.

Tip 3
This is the step were you do your eyebrows. Don't just apply your eye pencil or eyebrow filler, you should cover your brow area with the little foundation left on your foundation brush or sponge before you start with your eye pencil application. This helps your brows stay in place all day. You can also use your eye primmer instead of foundation.

Tip 4
The eyebrows are one part of our total makeover that people always have a problem with. its possible to still have them clean off after using your primmer or foundation before its application so just to be on a safe side, dust a little translucent powder over your already done brows.

Tip 5
Still focusing on the eyes, one other major problem is getting your lower & upper lid eyeliners to stay without  settling in the corners of your eyes. Most times we always have to clean the inner & outer corners of our eyes because the eyeliners must have gathered/caked there. This is almost unavoidable as your eyes secrete fluid regularly to clean out foreign bodies (of which your eyeliner is one). So, the best way to stop this or at least reduce it is by using water proof eyeliners or using an eye primmer just before you apply your eye liner.

Tip 6
I've seen lots of people with part of their eye shadows cleaned off. You can have your shadows stay on all day & sometimes it might even be stubborn and not want to clean off after washing. The secret is eye primers  I'm sure most of us already know  little about eye primers  they help hold your eye shadow in place. just apply on your eyelids before your eye shadow application.

Tip 7
 If you want to keep your eyelashes straight and perfectly arranged all day, your best bet is using a water proof mascara. It helps hold your lashes in place all day without it entangling.

Tip 8
Most people wonder how its possible to keep their lipsticks on all day. Well its the easiest of all this steps. You can eat, drink, lick your lips & still have your lipstick on without having to reapply. All you need to do is stop using lip gloss before you apply your lipstick or lip liner. If you're using a lip liner before your lipstick, ensure to blend it out before you apply your lipstick, then your lip gloss can follow. Trust me, this way nothing is going to clean it off as long as you're wearing good/original lipstick ;)

Tip 9
Most people don't like wearing blush because its been greatly abused. Some also over do it just because they want it to stay on all day or maybe they just lost their mirror in the process of applying their blush ;)
Anyway, you can have your blush applied faintly & appropriately without it cleaning off or fading all day. All you need to do is apply a layer of translucent powder over the blush.

Tip 10
My last tip is for that stubborn oily nose. You'll always have to powder your nose or wipe off the oil most times which can be annoying. So I found out a little secret to controlling this. Its not a big one but it'll help a little. what I do is apply double the amount of white powder/foundation/brown powder I apply on my face on the nose area (I use about 2 or 3 coats of each on the nose) this helps control the oil. I also keep a powdered part on my face wipe so every time i wipe my face, i use that powdered part on my nose.

So......Ten wordy tips from me to you. I always try my best to make my posts less wordy but.... 
I'm sure I've been able to solve one or two issues on helping you have your makeup last all day, so please ask questions if you have any or share my post with friends. You can also leave a reply to commend me for my effort ;)

Thanks for reading my post.
~Perfect Mélange~


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