Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skin Care Routine For Men....

Guys lets face it: If you care about how you look, if you want to make a good impression, your skin is the first place to start....

I'm sure lots of guys are wondering why anyone will be writing about beauty routines for Men. Well, it won't kill you to spend a little extra time caring for your skin, neither will it hurt your masculinity.

Traditionally, men spend less time caring for their skin like women do but spend more time damaging it through outdoor sports and other outdoor activities. As we all know, you men spend more time outdoors and this exposes your skin to environmental pollutants, causing poor skin health.

Skin care for men is very easy since typically, ''Men'' don't wear makeup. So, all you need to bother about is dead skin cells, clear pores, hydration and a little bit of shine :-)

Dead Skin Cells
The uppermost layer of your skin (startum corneum) dries out and sheds after a while, allowing fresh new skin to help protect you overall skin. These dead skin cells are suppose to fall off/shed but unlike snakes and other animals that shed their skin, they need help. The only way to get rid of them is by bathing everyday.

Having your bath regularly might not even be enough to keep you clean because some dead cell fragments still remain on your skin, so the best way to get total rid of them is by Exfoliation.

Most of you men use readily available soaps to wash up, this isn't bad but regular bath soaps don't wash you clean or remove dead cells completely. Opt for an exfoliating bar soap, this easily gets rid of the dead cells & stale sweat leaving your skin looking fresh and polished.

Clear Pores
Men have 15% oilier skin and larger pores than women do, therefore daily cleansing is key.

Oily skin is more prone to clogged pores because of the level of oxidation that goes on in the skin.
Now every man needs his pores to be clear. You don't have a choice here especially if you are hairy. The amount of time you spend outdoors exposes you to dust/dirt, sweat e.t.c.
Cleansing your face regularly with toners that contain Glycolic acids or Alphy hydroxy acids help to clear your pores, making your skin firm and reducing the size of your pores.

Alcohol is a major skin drainer and its significant to men. High consumption of alcohol dehydrates your skin, so if you must indulge, don't over do it. Also, water helps rehydrate your skin, so if you must "drink" make sure you take loads of water.

To prevent hydration, you should also moisturize your skin. This is one major procedure men don't like. About 60% of men avoid using body creams and moisturizers, I still don't understand why.....

Moisturizing your skin is one very important routine you shouldn't skip. For intensive moisture treatment, pure vitamin E or aloe vera oil can be used. If you have really oily skin, moisturizers that contain only salicyclic acid or glycolic acids should be used.

Most men find a comfortable way to shave and stick to it. If you always have irritations from shaving, you should get a shaving cream with aloe vera and leather it up with extra water. You can also try pre-shaving oil, this helps moiturize skin and soften beard hairs.

*For razor burns which are caused by ingrown hairs, use a shaving cream that contains glycolic and salicylic acids. These are exfoliating agents that clear the pores.

Other than shaving creams, another important thing about shaving is the kind of razor you use. Electronic razors are less likely to irritate than blades but if you prefer a blade, choose a brand that has one or two blades and skip those brands with multiple blades that promise a closer shave.

*If you always have bumps and burns, you don't need a close shave. Let some hair remain in order to avoid ingrown hairs.
*Always shave in the direction that hair grows and not against the grain.
*Don't forget your aftershave lotions and toners. They contain astringents that help tighten the pores, creating a firmer skin barrier. Always ensure to avoid toners and astringents that contain alcohol, as this dries out the skin.

That's a few tips from me for you guys, so try to be a little more conscious about caring for your skin because ladies also like men that look good  ;-)

~Perfect Mélange