Monday, April 15, 2013

Blackheads & How To Get Rid of Them.

Most of you have the notion that blackheads are dirty and caused by accumulated dirt on the skin or poor hygiene, so you think scrubbing your face will solve the problem but it won't. Blackheads are just a product of oxidization in the facial skin which results in the accumulation of oil (mostly containing keratin & modified sebum) in the sebaceous glands. So, don't stress your face or cause damage to your skin by over scrubbing it.

There are ways to get rid of black heads which is basically by exfoliation but using different products.
This helps to clean out the clog in your pores by dissolving and washing them out. The various types of exfoliating agents we have are Glycolic acids, AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids), Salicylic acid, Succinic acids, BHA (beta hydroxyl acids)  and they are found in creams, lotions, potion, soaps, toners and oils.

* Pull or pore strips also help ''reduce'' blackheads but they don't control or target the major cause or origin  of the problem, so this is a temporary treatment that can be used once in a while.
* Toners also help cleanse pores but the problem with this is the alcohol content which can cause an irritating effect to the skin especially for people with sensitive skin.

Most of us have used products containing these agents and still haven't been able to control our blackheads or stop them from appearing on our faces. Well some of the agents I listed above (Glycolic acid & AHA) are found in exfoliating products but aren't strong enough to clean the pores of the skin so they only work on the surface and are best used by people with normal, aging and sun damaged skin.

To clear or get rid of blackheads completely, you need something that can go under your skin to clear and minimize the clog especially during oxidation, so look out for different products that have mostly Salicylic acids, Succinic acids and BHA in them. These agents have 100% exfoliating effects.

PH Effect
The PH of these agents also play a vital role in its effectiveness. Sometimes we might buy these exfoliating creams or lotions but handling it wrongly (exposure to air) could increase its PH (5 & above is not acceptable) therefore causing a reduction in its potency.

Over cleansing, striping or scrubbing your face when you have blackheads could cause other skin irritations, so I advice that you should be careful in your plight to beautify your skin and not cause more damage to it. Also, be careful when choosing the beauty product you think might suit your skin, so you don't end up using something that will make it worse than it was.

For those of us who like using or would prefer to use pull/pore strips but find it hard to get one, I have a bonus homemade recipe for you  ;)

How To Make Your Own Pull/Pore Strip
All you need is; 1 Table spoon of liquid Milk, 1 table spoon of unflavored jello & a container (microwavable)

* Scoop 1 tbs of milk into the container
* Add 1 tbs of jello to the milk and stir.
* Put mixture in the microwave for 10 minutes
* Allow to cool and apply on your nose or any part you want to remove excess oil
* Peel off after 5 minutes once its dry

Very simple and easy to make right? Very affordable and stress free also. The picture bellow shows what the homemade pore strip looks like after you take it off.

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~Perfect Mélange


  1. nyc one mojizzle. please can u give example of the milk and the unflavored jello. tanx dear

    1. Thanks. Any brand of evaporated milk works, the same goes with the jello. You should find it in any food store or supermarket just make sure its unflavored.

  2. Nice tips, now I can get rid of those tiny little blackheads on my face. Have too many of them on my cheeks.

  3. Pls wah is jello,any oda name 4 dt...seem nt to understand wah jello means

    1. Jello is made from gelatin. Its one of the favorite deserts kids love and it comes in different flavors. I've uploaded a picture in this post so you'll see what it looks like.

  4. Please can you give me any example of a very good exfoliating soap and cream i am really battling with black heads and i want them out. thanks

    1. There's a wide range of brands you can choose from. Its usually difficult to prescribe without knowing your skin type but there's one I'm very sure of which is the Black opal pre-fade cleansing bar. You can also pair with St.ives blemish & blackhead control scrub.

    2. Pls am using mary kay benyzol peroxide ɑ̤̥̈̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ d moisturizer is good for me. I use mary kay foundation ɑ̤̥̈̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ mac powder, but my face is still fill with black head ɑ̤̥̈̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ spot, pls help.

  5. waoo ...good ....thank you so much ,,i am new here ,,i just saw your blog and waoo its very informative..thanks again .