Monday, February 11, 2013

Choosing The Right Foundation....

Every lady wants her face looking perfectly blended and flawless when she's going out. well, there's only one way to get that flawless looking skin if you don't already have it. Buy a good foundation.

Foundation is one makeup accessory you don't want to stay away from. It helps brighten up your face, especially when your skin is stressed. Lots of ladies already have one of these in their makeup bags/purses but using it is usually a problem. Its either because they got the wrong shade of foundation, thereby making their face too white or dark. Sometimes, buying the wrong product is usually the problem.

For me, the best bet when it comes to foundation is either Mary Kay (above) or Maybelline (below) matte wear foundation. I've heard people make comments about these products, saying they aren't the best for our weather. well, you all are wrong. These foundations come in different shades and skin tone blends that suit all kinds of skin colour, so all you need to do is pick the right shade.

I'm not trying to promote these brands but thy work perfectly well for me and are readily available in most stores.
I always advice people to buy a foundation sponge. Its the best if you aren't a professional in makeup application, so leave the foundation brush to the pro's who'll know how to use it without leaving crack lines on the sides of their faces. There's also nothing wrong with using foundation everyday, as long as you wash your face every night when you get home.

Guidelines To Perfect Foundation Application
- Before buying your foundation, make sure you do a quick test. This test is carried out by applying and blending a little amount of the foundation on your jaw line and not on your hands because the foundation is for your face not body. Also, some peoples faces are darker than the rest of their body so using your hands as your ''buy guide'' might just help you pick the wrong shade.
- After picking the right shade of foundation, apply a reasonable amount on the sponge and rub all over the face, covering every contour and corner.
- Ensure you blend into your hair line, ears and down your jaw to your neck line and even your chest, if you are wearing something that'll expose your chest.
- Never apply an extra coat of foundation on already dry layer of foundation.
- Some people also say you shouldn't apply foundation on your eyelids but I'm saying you can, only if you don't have an eye primer, which most people don't except you are totally into makeup.
- If you have really oily skin, I advice that you skip moisturizers or facial creams before applying your foundation.
- Once you are done applying your foundation, let it dry out a little to avoid you face looking caked after you apply your powder.
- Dust your brown powder all over your face to set the foundation.

Thanks a lot for reading through, please leave your comments, contributions and questions. Will be glad to reply and help resolve any part you don't understand ;)

~Perfect Mélange~ 


  1. What colour can I use ooo..both d powder n d foundation

  2. Dis is wat we talkin abt..thumbs up..luv dis

  3. Marykay 607 nd 600, wats d diff bth d bth..

    1. The difference between 600 & 607 is the skins undertone. 600 is for people with white undertones while 607 for red undertones. People might be of the same skin colour but have different under tones also.

  4. nice work girl, been following ur post right from nairaland, just stumbled upon it and av been hooked. nice work. Will send a PM to ur box. My name is Amelia

    1. Thanks a lot Amelia. I think I've one other comment from you before this. Its nice to know you follow my blog. Will be expecting your mail, Thanks.

  5. Hey dear, pls I think I'm a #130, what colour should I use in Mary Kay's foundation